How SEO Companies are The New Advertising Companies

How SEO Companies are The New Advertising Companies

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Running a business has become really demanding in today’s world. As a business owner, it is not easy to keep your head above water in the current economic climate, as finances are largely limited.  As such, you’re forced to cut costs.

This explains why many local business owners are nowadays looking for cheaper alternatives to market their business online, and drive up sales for the fraction of the cost charged by conventional advertising companies. However, not every business owner understands the art and science of SEO advertising, and that’s where SEO companies, like Asheville SEO, come in handy.

For this article, we explore some of the factors that explain how SEO companies have become the new advertising companies.

Your Competitors are Using SEO

SEO is a rapidly growing field, and many business owners are beginning to realize that its benefits are extremely high. Even your competitors know this, and they’re starting to capitalize on it. Thus, if your competitors are using it, they will appear before you on search engines and get all those leads that can result in sales before your website will, irrespective of whether your business offers better services or prices.

Investing in an experienced SEO staff or hiring a reputable SEO company could be just what your business needs to beat your competitors in search engine rankings.

Search Engines are Grabbing More Market Share

Today, over 80% of customers check online reviews before making any purchase, and this number can only go up. It won’t be long before virtually every one of us is searching for products and services online. You will definitely want us to be able to locate your business. However, without organic SEO in place, it will be quite challenging for people to find your business – they’ll instead find your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization Finds Customers Looking To Buy

When you place an advert in a traditional media outlet, such as a newspaper or television, you’re reaching a wide audience that is not tailored to your product. This makes SEO the best advertising alternative, as it targets customers who’re looking to buy. Namely, if you appear on the first page of search engine results for a particular phrase or keyword, then the potential clients you reach are already pre-selected. This makes your advert more cost-efficient. In fact, SEO leads are eight times more efficient that traditional ones.

SEO Builds Your Brand

Social media is a great tool for building brand awareness. As such, having a strong presence across various social networking platforms enables people to see what your brand has to offer, how it interacts with customers, as well as if it fits with their values. The good thing about this is that social media is free.

An experienced SEO company should be able to manage your social media presence. In fact, 74% of today’s companies have social media very much integrated with their SEO. Interacting and being shared with consumers across the web sends good signals to search engines, thereby boosting your rankings.

SEO Results are Permanent

Unlike ads, the effects of SEO are permanent, in that they don’t abruptly stop if you stop paying for them.  While you’ll need some upkeep to uphold that top first spot ranking, if you can attain that top spot, chances are it will be considerably difficult for it to be taken away.

SEO is cost-effective

Compared to the costs related to other forms of advertising, Search Engine Optimization provides relatively good  Return On Investment.  While pay-per-click may drive more revenue, and social media could be more important for your image, organic SEO in so many ways remains the foundation of your online presence.

SEO Gives You Access to Data

With SEO, you can get customer data. By looking at keyword data, you’ll see what people are searching the most for, and hence discover new products or services to expand to. You can capitalize on this and find a high search volume keyword with low competitiveness, and while this may not be easy to find, it has the potential to deliver thousands of sales a month to your site. Customer data is highly valuable in any business, and it is not that hard to get with the appropriate tools. Manipulating the data to your advantage can be exponentially useful for your business.

What Do You Look For in A Good SEO Company?

Hiring a reputable SEO company, such as Asheville SEO, can give you numerous advantages that go beyond getting more traffic to your site. However, finding the ideal SEO Company can be very tricky when everyone claims to be the best. Here are some significant tips to consider before hiring an SEO company.

  • Stay away from companies giving too good to be true promises. If a company promises top page rankings on a search engine for very competitive keywords by buying an SEO package, then it is definitely a fake.
  • Review your potential SEO Company’s previous SEO work, including reports that show a rise in traffic from search engines.
  • SEO being a rapidly changing industry, your potential SEO Company must have the capacity to keep up with the changes. Hence, you have to ensure that it has experts that have relevant knowledge and experience.
  • Make sure the SEO Company uses only white hat methods. Ask them to provide you with a report of what precisely they’ll do on your website.
  • Consider the exact deliverables of the company’s engagement. Will the company provide you with regular reports showing progress? What is their starting point? Do they define milestones in their agreement?


Once you set up your own business, the next step is to focus on business growth, profits, and rankings. While there are several ways to achieve this, using SEO has proved to be the best alternative to bringing your products or services to notice. Namely, your business will drive targeted traffic, raise its return on investment,   broaden   its brand reach, and ultimately, generate more revenue when using a professional SEO service, like Asheville SEO. This would be hard to achieve using conventional advertising today.



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